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Kapro's Prolaser® Range

Professional Rotary Lasers

The 899 Prolaser®
Electronic Rota-Line

Kapro's Prolaser® rotary laser is based on advanced electronic laser technology and designed for both indoor and outdoor leveling.

It projects a laser dot which rotates at high speed to generate either a horizontal or vertical 360° line, which can be read by a laser detector.

899 Electronic Rota-Line Rotary Laser Level

Its electronic self-leveling mechanism is tougher and more precise than a manual mechanism or pendulum, with a leveling accuracy of 0.0001"/" (0.1mm/m). Self-leveling on slopes of ±5° in both the X and Y planes, it also features a manual leveling option for creating lines at a slope of ±5°. This makes it ideal for laying outdoor pipes and sewage lines.

899 Electronic Rota-Line Rotary Laser Level

Features include an adjustable rotation speed, plumb up/down function and scan modes that can be set to create a line.

The detector (receiver) has both audio and visual signals, and can be locked onto a telescopic pole.

The 899 comes in a durable, rainproof casing which helps to protect it from tough worksite conditions.

  • Outdoor range: 800' (250m) with the detector
  • Indoor range: 165' (50m)
  • Remote control included
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Prolaser® Professional Self-leveling Line Lasers
For indoor and outdoor jobs, the Prolaser® line has a wide selection of multiple line (or point-to-point) laser levels, tailored to every budget and every leveling application.

895 Prolaser®All Lines

Kapro’s 7-Beam Self-Leveling laser is a powerful tool for indoor and outdoor layout and leveling applications.

The 895 Prolaser® All Lines projects 4 vertical lines and 2 horizontal cross beams which intersect at the ceiling and plumb down points and is accurate to 0.05"@20' (1mm@5m).

This makes the 895 the perfect laser tool for drywall installation and deck construction. When setting floors and wall tiles, hanging acoustic ceilings, framing doors and windows and aligning electrical outlets, plumbing and studs, the 895 provides clear and accurate lines of reference throughout the work area.

The 895 has an indoor range of up to 65’ (20m) and an outdoor range of up to 130’ (40m) on pulse mode with a laser detector (sold separately). It is self-leveling up to ±3° from level and features a visible and audible “out-of-level” warning. The 895 can also be used in manual “TILT” mode for angular layout and marking and has a built-in pendulum lock to protect the laser during transport, Beamfinder glasses, laser target, battery charger and carrying case.

895 Prolaser®All Lines 895 Prolaser®All Lines
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The 888 Prolaser® II

Three-beam laser levels are ideal for indoor leveling, when you need to align both vertical and horizontal surfaces.

Protected by tough rubber armor, the newly re-designed 888 Prolaser® Vector II is ideal for indoor leveling and layout when you need to align surfaces at 90°. It generates one horizontal and two vertical beams and is self-leveling up to 3.5° with an audible out of level warning.

The 888 Prolaser®
The 888 Prolaser®

It features a manual lock mode so you can use its powerful beams in TILT mode for marking angles. For exterior use, the 888 Vector II has a pulse mode for long range use with a detector. It comes with a tripod adapter and wall mount. Laser range:

  • Indoor - 100' (30m)
  • Outdoor – 165’ (50m)

Accuracy: 0.0003"/" (0.3mm/m).

The 888 Prolaser® Vector II is an ideal tool for:

  • hanging acoustic ceilings
  • partition installation and drywall
  • interior decorating
  • hanging doors and windows and much more…
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884 Prolaser® Laser Layout Set
The perfect package for the first time laser buyer

First time laser tool customers want a complete working setup at a reasonable price. Professionals need a compact layout set that is easy to transport and gives them all the functionality they need. The 884 Prolaser® Layout Set is a great choice for both.

The Prolaser® 884 Layout Set has everything the customer needs to layout, align or level the project in one easy-to-carry hard case at a great price.

Prolaser® 884
Prolaser® 884

The set includes the Prolaser® 884 laser unit, a sturdy tripod, laser target and Beamfinder glasses. The Prolaser® 884 unit features:

  • 5 clear intersecting layout lines (4 vertical, 1 horizontal, plumb dot below the unit)
  • Accuracy: 1mm@5m (0.05"@20')
  • Laser range: Indoor - up to 20m (65’) Outdoor - with laser detector (sold separately) of 40m (130’).
  • The set is designed for a wide variety of applications including:
  • Hanging cabinets and shelves
  • Tiling
  • Framing and aligning windows and doors
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883 Prolaser® 3D All-Lines

360°Beams in Every Direction – Indoors & Out

Sometimes you need a 360° layout line but a large rotary laser is a bit too big for the job and a cross line laser does not quite give you all the lines you need. With this in mind, Kapro presents the 883 Prolaser® 3D All-Lines.

The 883 projects strong 360° laser lines – 2 vertical and 1 horizontal individually or simultaneously – with an accuracy of 0.0002”/” (±0.2mm/m) for a complete layout grid covering the floor, ceiling and all four walls.
The 883’s compact size and simple control panel makes it ideal for jobs that require a 3 dimensional layout plan. The 883 is self-leveling up to 4° and has an integrated laser lock mode which lets you work in manual mode for marking angles in all directions. The unit is tripod-ready with a 1/4″ and 5/8” threads firmly built into the base.

883 Prolaser® 3D All-Lines
883 Prolaser® 3D All-Lines

The 883 Prolaser® 3D All-Lines is designed for indoor and outdoor use (with detector), including:

  • Hanging cabinets and shelves
  • Hanging acoustic ceilings
  • Framing and aligning windows and doors
  • Leveling electrical outlets, plumbing and studs
  • Accurately laying out right angles for flooring, tiles, drywall installation and deck construction

The 883 Prolaser® 3D All-Lines comes with:

  • 4 AA batteries
  • Magnetic adapter

Case Laser Range:

  • Indoor – 65” (20m)
  • Outdoor with detector - 200” (60m)
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892 Prolaser® Plus Cross-Beam Laser

Cross beam lasers project an intersecting horizontal and vertical line.

The 892 Prolaser® Plus – the free standing cross laser – is a powerful and innovative laser tool which makes leveling and angular layout easier and more accurate than ever.

The 892 Prolaser® Plus is designed with powerful lasers that project two highly visible intersecting lines – horizontal and vertical – at a perfect 90° angle.

It has a working indoor range of up to a 100ft (30m) and an outdoor range of 165’ (50m) with a detector and has a tested accuracy of 0.0002”/” (0.2mm/m).

The 892’s 3 button panel makes it extremely easy to operate. The 892 is self-leveling up to ±5° with a visible and audible “out-of-level” warning.

The TILT Mode feature lets you disable the self-leveling mechanism and lock the laser in place for any angular layout and marking.

The 892 Prolaser®

The 892 Prolaser®

Kapro has innovatively designed the 892 with strong adjustable legs for easy hands free mounting at any angle you need in TILT MODE. The legs click to lock in place for perfect height adjustment and accurate positioning.

This creative feature makes the 892 amazingly versatile for a wide range of applications… Including:

  • Aligning tiles and cabinets
  • Deck installation and exterior layout
  • Acoustic ceiling panel positioning
  • Electrical socket placement and fixture alignment
  • Banister and stair layout
  • And much more…

The 892 is built with a shock resistant rubber casing that will keep it safe on tough worksites and the adjustable legs serve as rugged bumpers around the lasers casing when folded close for additional protection.

The 892 is tripod ready with a ¼ adapter at its base.

Its compact size lets you easily store it in your toolbox and the 892 Prolaser® Plus comes with a soft carry case with a belt loop so you can carry it with you.

The 892 Prolaser®
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The 891 Prolaser® Laser Square

Kapro’s 891 Prolaser® Laser Square is a simple tool that projects two perfectly straight lines at a 90º angle across the floor and onto the wall and ceiling, so you can get exact alignment throughout the room quickly and easily

The 891 Prolaser® Laser Square is easy to use with a single on/off switch and built-in horizontal and surface levels. You can check the accuracy of any straight line or square angle in your project easily by moving the laser to any position.

The 891 Prolaser® Laser Square

The 891 Prolaser® Laser Square

The laser diode projects clear, bright beams that are clearly visible over any surface, so you can keep track of your line even after you have set your tiles. Using the laser target, you can find the beam alignment up to 100’ (30m) from unit with an accuracy of 0.0005”/” (0.5mm/m).

The unit’s housing is designed to be easily mounted to a vertical surface, making it perfect for setting wall tiles, wallpapering and paneling.

The 891 Prolaser® Laser Square’s comes with a soft, protective carrying case, laser target and two AA batteries for up to 40 hours of continuous use.

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Prolaser® Single Line & Dot Lasers

The 893 T-Laser®
Clip-on 90° marking laser

This Kapro invention allows carpenters and drywall contractors to mark exact 90° lines over a long piece of wood or drywall for free-form cutting.

Instead of using traditional tools, which demand repeat measuring and marking, you can just slide the T-Laser™ on the edge of the board, and cut along the 90° laser line. You don't even need to switch it on - the power switch is pressure-activated.

The 893 T-Laser

The 893 T-Laser

The T-Laser™ fits on all standard drywall, plywood, and composition boards (¼" - ⅝"/ 6.4mm-15.9mm), with a clip-on spring grip, 90° aluminum T-Square angle, and a molded rubber case that fits comfortably in your hand.

The size of a standard tape measure, it clips on your belt as well.

Laser range: 10' (3m)

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The 896 T-Laser®5-Dot

The 896 Prolaser® 5-Dot is one of Kapro’s most versatile lasers. It is great choice most indoor vertical and horizontal alignments and layout applications, including:
• Drywall stud layout
• Framing rooms, doors and windows
• Partition installation
• Electrical outlets and switch layout
• Finish carpentry
• Transferring points

It features five highly visible laser dots - plumb up & down and 3 level dots at 90° angles. The dots are actually small cross lines for exact alignment of the measuring point.

The 896 is self-leveling up to ±4° from level and boasts a range of up to 100’ (30m) with a laser target.

It is designed with a tough rubber overlay to stand up to tough knocks on the worksite and is easy-to-use with a one button operation.

The unit comes with a magnetic multi-functional base, laser target and a soft carry case.


Level: 0.0004”/” (0.4mm/m)
Plumb up: 0.5mm/m
Plumb down: 0.75mm/m

The 896 T-Laser®5-Dot
The 896 T-Laser®5-Dot
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810 Prolaser® Nail Gripper™

A patented Kapro invention, the nail gripper projects a highly visible laser line, and has two easy to read vials for vertical and horizontal leveling.

The unique rubber grip holds any size nail or screw - no more smashed fingers.

810 Prolaser® Nail Gripper™
810 Prolaser® Nail Gripper™

The 810 Prolaser® Nail Gripper™ features a pressure-activated on/off switch and a magnetic wristband for holding nails and screws. Ideal for hanging shelves, pictures, and mirrors, and aligning panels tiles and wall coverings.

Laser range: 20' (6m).

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814 Prolaser® Set-a-Shelf™
The patented Set & Match®with a sliding laser line and stud finder. Set-a-Shelf™ combines a straightedge, level, laser and stud finder - in one product!

814 Set-a-Shelf™ Ruler & Line Laser

Featuring "slide and lock" level markers and a Laser Line that click-locks at 90° and 45°, for horizontal, vertical and 45° lines.

For hanging shelves, pictures and cabinets, aligning tiles, decorative layouts and patterns, and finding concealed metal studs in drywall.


814 Prolaser® Set-a-Shelf™
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Laser Distance Measurer

370 Kaprometer K4- Laser Distance Measurer

How often have you needed the dimensions, area, or volume of a room and wished that you could do it more quickly – and reliably. Whether it's a remodeling job or a new construction, getting fast and accurate estimates for materials is vital. Now you can do away with your tape measure, calculator, ladder, and that extra person on the job, with the palm-size Kaprometer K4.

The highly accurate, long-range Kaprometer K4 computes distance, area and volume in seconds. Measuring inaccessible surfaces is quick and easy with the Indirect Measurement function, which uses Pythagorean Theorem to measure the third side of any triangle.

Recording the shortest distance between two surfaces is just a button-press away, with the Kaprometer's Continuous Measuring, which holds the value on its clear, back-lit LCD.

370 Kaprometer K4- Laser Distance Measurer

The Kaprometer K4 is a great tool for stud layout. You define a measurement interval in the K4’s settings and then move the unit along your layout line. Each time you reach the defined measurement you get a visible and audible alert.

The intuitive user interface features well-positioned buttons that make the unit simple to operate. With 3 reference points, almost unlimited memory storage and long-life battery, the Kaprometer K4 is a time and money saver, with all the features you'll ever need.

Laser Range: up to 50m (165'). Accuracy: ±2mm (0.08"').

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383 Kaprometer K1 Laser Distance Measurer
The Most Powerful and Affordable Laser Distance Measurer in its Class…

The new Kaprometer K1 is a full-featured laser distance measurer that is simple to use, easy to carry and available now at an outstanding price.

Getting fast and accurate measurements for construction materials is vital. The Kaprometer K1 lets you do away with tape measures, calculators, ladders, and that extra person on the job.

The Kaprometer K1 is a time and money saver, with all the features you'll ever need in a compact and affordable model.

389 Multiscanner Stud Finder
389 Multiscanner Stud Finder

The highly accurate Kaprometer K1 features:

  • Measures area, distance and volume
  • Indirect measuring using Pythagorean theorem
  • Measuring Range: Up to 30m (100')
  • Accuracy: ±2mm/30m
  • 2 Measuring reference points
  • Memory function
  • LCD display
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389 Multiscanner Stud Finder

Stud finders have been on the market for a few years now and most contractors and DIYer’s have probably used one at some time. The problem with most stud finders is their accuracy and inability to identify objects behind a wall.

Kapro’s 389 Multiscanner Stud Finder has none of these limitations. It is innovatively designed to identify live wire, metal and wood studs behind most common wall materials.

It features powerful electronic sensors, detection buzzer and an easy-to-read backlit display with exact location markers.

389 Multiscanner Stud Finder
389 Multiscanner Stud Finder

You can set the 389 to look for AC, metal or studs separately or use the automatic scan feature to locate all three items simultaneously.

The 389 Multiscanner is the definitely the right choice when you are looking for a smart and accurate stud finder.

389 Multiscanner Stud Finder

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